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Digital Fluency

Introduces the concept of Digital Fluency.

What is Digital Fluency?

 Our definition at UMW is:  “Advanced digital fluency is the ability to consume and produce digital knowledge critically, ethically, and responsibly, as well as creatively adapt to emerging technology.” We can dig deeper into this definition by breaking it down into four main categories:

  1. Consuming Information
  2. Producing Information
  3. Learning and Adapting to New Technologies
  4. Owning Your Digital Identity

Introducing Digital Fluency

For most of us, technology is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s one of the many tools that enables us to find information, collaborate with one another, communicate new ideas, and create innovative and useful new products. At Mary Washington, we believe it’s important that our community be able to accomplish these activities as effectively and responsibly as possible. Our goal is to ensure that every student graduates from UMW with a high degree of digital fluency.

You’ll gain these skills through a variety of experiences at Mary Washington, such as: