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Digital Fluency

Introduces the concept of Digital Fluency.

Digital Identity

Digital identity is complex, and you will explore many of its facets throughout your coursework. It includes many aspects of your online presence, such as personal information, creative works that you’ve published, and your social networks. Some of this information is likely shared unintentionally by way of data collection, but you can learn more about data privacy to keep yourself informed about the data you’re sharing and possible ways to limit or control its collection. You can also work towards developing and curating your digital identity. For example, you can choose what information or content to share on your portfolio, social media page, or blog, shaping your own online presence in the process. As you work through digital projects at Mary Washington, you can use these opportunities to decide how you want to build, develop, and maintain your digital identity.

Data Privacy

While creating your person, unique web presence allows you to take steps toward controlling your digital identity, it's important to remember that there are also aspects of your internet activity that are more difficult to control. As you engage in the online environment, try to be as informed as possible about what's happening to your data. Here is some introductory information to help you get started:

Domain of One's Own

Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) is a project at the University of Mary Washington that was started in 2013 by the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. DoOO allows UMW students, faculty, and staff to register their own domain name and associate it with a hosted web space, free of charge while at UMW. With their domain and corresponding web space, users will have the opportunity and flexibility to design and create a meaningful and vibrant digital identity.