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Digital Fluency

Introduces the concept of Digital Fluency.

Learning New Technologies

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving. The tools you use today might not be the best choice tomorrow. Through your classes at Mary Washington, you will not only learn to use specific tools, but you’ll learn how to seek out and find technological solutions independently. You will be able to evaluate available digital tools and select the tool that works best for your project, all while adapting to challenges that arise. While you are learning this process, don’t forget that tutors in the Digital Knowledge Center are here to support you while you learn and experiment with new technologies!

Digital Studies Courses

Beginning in the fall of 2020, all UMW students are required to take on course designated as Digital Intensive as part of the general education requirements. The list of courses that satisfy the DI requirement can be found here and in the Academic Catalog.

Students who want to explore further may chose to minor in Digital Studies, a program of the Communications and Digital Studies Department.

Think Lab

UMW's Think Lab, part of the Digital Knowledge Center, is our mullti-pupose maker space.  The Think Lab can introduce you to digital maker technologies like 3D printing and design, and to more old-school skills, like using a drill properly.