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History of the University of Mary Washington

Institutional Name Changes & Our Time as Part of the University of Virginia

What is The Cavailer Daily?

The Cavalier Daily is the independent daily news organization at the University of Virginia. The paper was founded in 1890 under the name College Topics. It is Virginia’s oldest collegiate daily and the oldest daily newspaper in Charlottesville, Virginia. It still runs today, being updated daily online, and is entirely student-led on a volunteer basis. (The Cavalier Daily, "About," 2022).

You can visit The Cavalier Daily here to explore current and past articles and learn more information about the paper's history and accomplishments.


Divided by year, each file contains the articles that specifically mention Mary Washington College. In each file at the top are the details from which publications the articles were pulled. 

The description includes the title of the article, the author (if one is mentioned), as well as a word or term to indicate the subject of the article.