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Open Educational Resources (OER): Affordable Course Materials


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Affordable Course Content

Affordable course content describes any free, low-cost, or openly licensed educational resources that can serve as alternatives to high-cost resources. Affordable course content can include syllabi, course modules, textbooks, videos, tests, journal articles, assessment tools, and any other materials used to support learning. ‚Äč

Most affordable course content still retains traditional copyright licensing, including restrictions on how a resource can be used or shared.  The exception is open educational resources, which are free of cost and most copyright restrictions, allowing them to be freely used, edited, stored, and distributed.

Affordable Options

  • Adopt open or free content available through the VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal
  • Adopt open, free, or public domain content available on the internet.
  • Use a library e-book as an alternative to print textbooks
  • Place copies of textbooks and course materials on reserve in the library
  • Explore library databases to find course materials, including e-books, online video, images, data, articles, and more.
  • Create a customized course pack instead of using a whole textbook

OER State Policy Tracker

VIVA: Faculty E-Book Adoptions

Adoptions by Department/College

Business 4
History and American Studies 37
Classics, Philosophy, and Religion 17
Earth and Environmental Sciences 4
Music 2
Mathematics 2
Geography 10
English and Linguistics 22
Sociology and Anthropology 24
Computer Science 5
Political Science and International Affairs 7
Modern Languages 3
Education  13
Theatre and Dance 5
Art and Art History 5
Economics 1
Historic Preservation 1
Biological Sciences 3
Psychology 2

Updated for Spring 2022.

Adoptions from the VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal and VIVA's Curriculum Drive Acquisitions program