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Research Skills for First-Year Seminars (FSEMs): Peer Review

Peer Review

Peer review is a quality-control process. It happens before the article is published. When the author submits the article to a journal for publication, the article is examined by a group of other experts in the same field (the author's "peers"). The experts review the article for mistakes and omissions, and send their reviews to the author. The author then fixes the mistakes and omissions. If the article can't be fixed, then the journal might refuse to publish it.

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Many library databases let you limit your search results to only "peer-reviewed" or "scholarly" articles.  This example from Primo and Proquest show you how to limit your results specifically to peer-reviewed materials.


Peer-reviewed limit in Quest                                                                                 Peer-reviewed search in Proquest databases