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Library Reading Lists in Canvas

Getting Started

To give you an overview of setting up your reading list, watch the following video. For step-by-step instructions to setting up the list in Canvas, see screenshots below.

First: Create the Content Area in Canvas

Before you can begin adding specific readings to your list, you'll need to set up a reading list area in Canvas. Follow these steps to create the content area in Canvas connected to Leganto. THIS ONLY APPLIES IF you do not already have a reading list/reserve list through the library that has been associated by a library staff memeber.

Step 1

Log into Canvas and select the course you want to create a reading list in.

Once in the course area, click on the Library Reading Lists Tab

IF you do not see the image below then you already have a reading list/reserve list through the library and should see the items that are already attached to your course. 



Step 2

If you have a library reserve list you can associate this to your course (below are instructions), please contact the library if you see the above image but know you have a library reading/reserve list that is not showing up after you try the course association.

1) Creating a reading list

2) Name your course

3) Select the best template for your class

4) If you have a reserve list thru the library and need to associate this list with your class. see below

If you can not find your class with the associate list button, please contact the library.

5) Continue on to the next section to add sections to your list