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Alumni and Guest Users: Simpson Library

A guide to Simpson Library's resources for Alumni and Guest Users

Simpson Library - Directions & Parking

Directions to Simpson Library
Please see the Fredericksburg Campus Map and Directions for directions to the Fredericksburg Campus. Simpson Library (#17 on the campus map) is located on the northern end of the Fredericksburg Campus, facing Campus Walk and between the Woodard Campus Center (#20), the Jepson Science Center (#9), and the Hurley Convergence Center (#13). From College Avenue, Simpson Library is located behind duPont Hall (#15).

Access to Simpson Library
Simpson Library has two entrances. Simpson Library's main entrance is right on Campus Walk, the main pedestrian walkway through campus. Simpson Library may also be accessed via the bridge connecting the 3rd floor of the Hurley Convergence Center (HCC) with the 2nd floor of Simpson Library. More information on the accessibility of the Simpson Library building, as well as collection accessibility, assistive technology, and more is available on the Simpson Library Accessibility Guide.

Parking on the Fredericksburg Campus
Please note that parking in all University lots on the Fredericksburg Campus is restricted; more information on Visitor Parking is available on the Fredericksburg Campus Map and Directions page and the UMW Parking Management office information for visitors / guests.
Accessible parking is available along the side of the Jepson Science Center (#9), accessible via the drive leading to Jepson. Other visitors are encouraged to park in spaces on College Avenue or in spaces reserved for visitors on the upper level of UMW's parking deck on Alvey Drive (#6).