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Physics: Books

Call Numbers

Browse Physics books in the library:

  • QC1-999: Physics
  • QC 1-75: General
  • QC 170-197: Atomic Physics
  • QC 221-246: Acoustics. Sound
  • QC 350-467: Optics. Light
  • QC 501-766: Electricity & Magnetism
  • QC 770-798: Nuclear & Particle Physics
  • QC 851-999: Meterology. Climatology

Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have the item you are looking for...

Request it via Interlibrary Loan and we will borrow it for you from another institution.
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E-Book Collections

Locating books on the shelves

When you find a physical book in Primo, write down its call number, and then go to the shelves.

To use call numbers, read them from the top down.

A label on the spine of a book, displaying the call number PR 8875 .P46 1999

For example, here's how you'd find this book:

  • First, follow the alphabet to the PR section of the library, which is part of the larger P section.
  • Next, within the PR section, look in numerical order for 8875.
  • Next, within the books numbered 8875, look in alphabetical and numerical order for .P46.
  • (1999 is the year the book was published.)