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Jumbo Foam Polyhedral Dice

Ages: 6+ 5 dice

Super Score: Place Value

Grades: 2+ # of Players: 2+

Cuisenaire Rods

Classroom Money Kit

Measuring Cups and Funnels

13 Cups 3 Funnels


Ages: 9+ # of Players: 2-4

Three Bear Family Counters

Ages: 3+ 80 pieces

Iota: The Great Big Game in the Teeny-weeny Tin

Ages: 8+ # of Players: 2-4

Greater Gator Answer Boards

Ages: 5+ Set of 4

Fence It In: Exploring Area & Perimeter

Ages: 7+

Relational GeoSolids

Grades 3-12

Ten Frame Trains

Classroom Clock Kit

TexTile Math: Multicultural Explorations through Patterns

NOTE: Includes large set of multi-colored tiles

Measuring Tapes and Wooden Clothes Pins

13 Tapes 8 Pins

Super Score! Elapsed Time

Grades: 3+ # of Players: 2+


Grades K-6

Heath Mathematics Connections: Kindergarten Review Package

Algebra Lab Gear

Three boxed sets

Wooden Color Cubes - 1 inch

Ages: 4-9 Set of 100

Grouping Circles

PreK-3rd 6 Circles

Place Value Rods Activity Set

Grades K-5

Double-sided Magnetic Money

Interlocking Centimeter Cubes

Textured Touch and Trace Cards: Numbers

Plastic Color Cubes

Ages: 5-11 Set of 330

Base Ten Starter Set

Foam Counters

Ages: 3+ 100 Pieces

Plastic Pattern Blocks

Gallon Measuring Cup

Taskmaster Geometric Models

Set of 25

Every Day Counts: Grade 2 and Grade 4

NOTE: These are older editions

Student Balance

Total of 11

Pete the Cat: Cool Cat Math

Grade 1 # of Players: 2-4

Mathlink Connecting Cubes

Ages: K+

Giant Magnetic Base 10 Set

Ages: 6+

Circle Perfect Compasses

Volumetric Containers

8 Assorted (plastic and glass)


36 Protractors