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University Records Management: Certificate of Records Destruction (RM-3)

Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3)

All records destruction taking place after November 16, 2020, must be documented using the eRM-3 form.

The Library of Virginia no longer accepts Word or PDF versions of the form. These will be returned to your office if University Records Management receives them, and you will be directed to the eRM-3.

We are currently developing concise instructions for filling out the eRM-3 at UMW, but in the meantime we encourage you to view the detailed guide written by the Library of Virginia

LVA also provides helpful YouTube video tutorials for each of the three roles required in the eRM-3 approval process. We strongly encourage you to view the videos, especially the ones most relevant to your role, prior to your first time completing the form.

*Please note that the form is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

The three roles required to authorize and report records destruction using the eRM-3 are:

Form Creator (FC)
The FC is typically the individual most familiar with the records. This is the same person that would have filled out the paper form in the past.
Video - eRM-3 Training: Form Creator Walkthrough

Approving Official (AO)
The AO is the person in your office or department who is most likely to know whether there is a hold in place on the records or be reasonably aware of one forthcoming. Examples of holds that would require continued retention of records might include ongoing litigation or investigation, audit, or a FOIA request. This person's approval affirms that there are no current or reasonably anticipated holds on the reported records.
Video - eRM-3 Training: Approving Official Walkthrough

Records Officer (RO)
The RO is the representative from University Records Management, Sarah Appleby, who administers the process.

Please note that you may have one or more of these roles, and it is perfectly acceptable if that is the case. Please contact Sarah Appleby with any questions about these roles.