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Book Reviews: Google

A guide to finding book reviews

Using Google to Find Book Reviews

You can use Google to find book reviews online.

Type the title of the book into the Google search box followed by the words "book review". For example, if you were looking for a review of the book Seabiscuit: An American Legend, you would type this.

A screenshot of a Google search box. Inside the box are the words "seabiscuit an american legend book review."

You might need to add the author's name to the search box, too, if you need to distinguish between several books with similar titles.

What You'll Find

There are different types of book reviews. Most of the book reviews that Google finds are in one of two categories:

  • Articles in popular publications, such as newspapers or magazines.
  • Short reviews written by consumers, left as comments on websites (such as comments on Amazon or Goodreads).

Google is not a good tool for finding book reviews written by scholars. To find book reviews written by scholars, search the library instead.