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History and American Studies: Classes

A research guide to finding books, articles, and other resources in History and American Studies


On this page are handouts, and other guides to research, created by librarians for specific classes.

History (HIST)

HIST 190: Great Lives

HIST 297: History Colloquium

HIST 298: History Practicum

HIST 299: Introduction to the Study of History

HIST 305: History of the American West

HIST 315: U.S. Immigration History

HIST 300C1: History of Higher Education

HIST 337: Medieval Islamic Civilization

HIST 339: Modern Middle East History

HIST 378: World War II in World History

HIST 419: The Great War in the Middle East

HIST 471A2: Problems in Genocide Studies

HIST 471K1: Minecrafting the Ming

HIST 485: Historical Research

American Studies (AMST)

AMST 201: Introduction to American Studies

AMST 303D: Virginia Studies

AMST 307: Virginia Issues & Controversies

First-Year Seminars (FSEMs) on History Topics

FSEM 100C6: Toys as History

FSEM 100G4: Race and Revolution

FSEM 100R4: Forbidden Texts

FSEM 100R6: Communities of Engagement

FSEM 100S3: History That Didn't Happen

FSEM 100V2: History of American Disasters

FSEM: American History (History of Fredericksburg)