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General Sites

PsycPORT: Psychology Newswire
From the American Psychological Association

Social Psychology Network
A collection of over 300 videos designed to improve the clinical skills of mental health professionals.

Historical Texts

Classics in the History of Psychology
Complete online texts of out-of-copyright works from such authors as Freud, Jung, and William James; site created by a Psychology professor at York University (Toronto).

In the social sciences and the sciences, scholars use the terms "primary" and "secondary" differently from scholars in the humanities. 
Primary research refers to the research conducted by the authors of the original source. The source will describe the authors' methodology, results and conclusions. This might be raw data, letters, research or study, tests, news reports, interviews, or some journal articles.
Secondary research describes or analyzes the research done by others. These include news analyses, magazine articles, some journal articles, scholarly books, opinion pieces or editorials. These can be excellent resources that can lead you to additional primary research on your topic.

Tests and Measures

FAQ: Finding Information about Psychological Tests
Includes recommendations for finding both published and unpublished tests

Testing and Assessment

Links to Other Testing-Related Sites

Test Reviews Online (Buros Center for Testing)
Includes descriptive information on more than 3,500 commercially available tests.
Search alphabetically or browse by category.
Click on any test title to see a brief description of the test, along with publisher contact information.


International Personality Item Pool
Personality inventories.

Psychological Tests for Student Use
Small set compiled by a professor at the York University, Canada.


Your Personality
Free research-based online tests maintained by R. Chris Fraley, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.