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THEA 362: Theatre History & Dramatic Literature: Production Reviews

Depending on the date of the production you're studying, you might find reviews of that production in various ways:

  • In Quest, search for the title of the play + the name of the theatre.
    • Limit your results to articles published in the year of the production. If you get too many results, try adding the word "review".
    • Do this in the regular Quest search, but also try it in Quest's Newspapers search.
  • Not all of UMW's newspaper databases are included in Quest. Try looking in one or more newspaper databases that cover the year of the production.
  • For recent productions (21st century), try Googling the title of the play, the name of the theatre, and the word "review".
  • For productions between 1909 and 1969, see A Guide to Critical Reviews by James M. Salem, which we have in the Reference section at REFB PN 227 .N5 S28x 1967. This set of books is an index to reviews published in various magazines and newspapers.

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