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THEA 362: Theatre History & Dramatic Literature: Significant Productions

Identify significant productions

Here are several ways to identify significant productions of a given play:

  • Read the Wikipedia article about the play. Look for a section called "Performance history" or "Stage history" or "Productions."
    • Don't cite Wikipedia -- just use it to identify productions to research.
  • Read books about the play, or about the playwright.
    • Find books in Quest. Search for the playwright's name + the title of the play.
    • If you don't get many results, try searching for the playwright's name without the title of the play.
  • You can also try Googling the title of the play + the word "productions", but brace yourself -- you'll get a very long list of search results to dig through.

Alternatively, you can browse lists of casts & crew, and look for famous names.


Some productions are more significant than others. I recommend investigating several different productions, in order to discover which one would be best to focus your project on.

  • For each production, check to see if you can find any production images. Many productions don't have any surviving images. It's better to pick a production for which you can find images.
  • Productions in New York City or London tend to be better-documented than productions in other cities.
  • The more famous the play is, the more information you'll find about productions of that play.