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What is Choice Reviews Online?

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Faculty Monograph Purchase Recommendations

In addition to submitting purchase requests, faculty can recommend new monographs for the Libraries to purchase using Choice Reviews Online. There are two options for making purchase recommendations: (1) request to review a cardstack in your subject area, or (2) browse the Choice Reviews Online database and add titles of interest to a shared list.

  • Cardstacks:  Cardstacks are lists of new monographs reviewed in a particular subject area (e.g., sociology). These are similar to the stacks of print cards the Libraries distributed to departments in the past, but are now available electronically. Once added to a cardstack, faculty can provide input by voting on titles and adding comments. This option is useful for faculty who want to stay current on new monographs published in their discipline and help the Libraries identify titles that support the curriculum.
  • Shared Lists:  Faculty can search or browse the entire Choice Reviews Online database and add titles to a list shared with Simpson Library. Multiple faculty can collaborate on the same list. This is a great option for faculty who are teaching new courses and want to help build the Libraries' collection in those areas.

Purchase recommendations must meet the selection criteria outlined in the Libraries' Collection Development Policy and are limited to available funds in the monograph budget.

Getting Started

If you are Interested in using Choice Reviews Online to make monograph purchase recommendations, navigate through the tabs in this section to learn about setting up an account, creating and adding titles to a shared list, and reviewing a cardstack in your subject area.

If you need assistance with using the Choice Reviews Online platform, please consult the online help tutorials, which provide instructions on conducting searches, creating alerts, and more.

Create a Choice Account

The first step is to create an account with Choice Reviews Online. This is required to create and add titles to a shared list and review cardstacks.

  1. Navigate to Choice Reviews Online. On the top menu bar, click on Log In and then Create Account.

  2. Complete the necessary information and click on Create Account. You will notice that your account is associated with the University of Mary Washington.

Create and Add Titles to a Shared List

This page describes how to create a list, add titles of interest to it, and share it with UMW Libraries. This option is useful for faculty who are teaching new courses and want to help build collections in those areas.

  1. Using Choice Reviews Online, conduct a search or browse for reviews in your subject area. Select titles of interest and create a new list. A dialog box will open prompting you to provide a name for your list.

  2. Once a list has been created, it is easy to add more titles to it. Just select more titles and click on Add Selection to an Existing List.

  3. When you are finished adding titles, share the list with UMW Libraries. Go to Lists>My Lists>Lists from the top menu bar. Click on the wheel cog for the list you want to share and choose Manage Users. Locate UMW Libraries from the list of users and change the permission level to read. The Libraries will receive an email notification that you have shared a list with us.


Review a Cardstack

If you would like to review a cardstack in your subject area, contact the Collection Services Librarian, Summer Durrant (blue email button on the left). A cardstack is available for every academic department. Each cardstack contains around 25-75 titles and includes new monographs reviewed by Choice in the last six months. The Libraries will review faculty input on cardstacks at the end of each semester.

  1. Once you have been added as a reviewer to a cardstack, navigate to it from Lists>My Lists>Cardstacks. Click on the cardstack to begin reviewing titles.
  2. You can vote on titles individually or click Start Voting to review the entire set.
  3. Additionally, you can add notes to indicate the importance of a particular title for a class or research project.